We start to experience the beauty of the landscape going uphill from Argegno to Pigra by cable-car;

the lake fades away and we start to see the mountains, the various little villages that complete the view take shape and we start to have a whole vision of the western branch of the lake. From the terrace of arrival in the cable-car the view is beautiful.

Pigra is a little village clinging to the slope of the mountain, made up by old houses in stone placed one on top of the other, it is crossed by curvy alleys going uphill among the houses and under old galleries. In the middle of the village there is an oratory dedicated to Saint Rocco with interesting frescoes representing the most beloved saints in the popular devotion. Where the houses finish, on the left, a path starts that goes round Mount Pasquella and ends in a nice basin in the Alpe of Blessagno, where there is the farmhouse “Le Radici- The Roots” with possibility of refreshment and accomodation. The path is pleasant and quite plain, it starts passing through a hazelnut trees wood, then it continues among the steep grasses of the mountain pastures and it offers a breath-taking view over the lake and the Intelvi Valley. At the beginning the peninsula of Bellagio appears to our sight surrounded by the peaks of the mountains Legnone and northern Grignone. Slowly the lake becomes farer and the big mountain valley of Intelvi Valley appears, following the course of the river Telo that has deeply excavated it in the middle.

The path stretches at around 900/1000 metres of altitude and it requests about an hour of walk made of silence, beauty and emotions.

At the end of the tour we can rest up sitting around the table in the farmhouse, full of local specialities: cold meats, goat cheeses, farmers’ “polenta”, various kinds of meat and vegetables to finish with a home-made dessert.

Bottles of water and appropriate clothes and shoes are recommended
Duration:3 hours

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