A marvellous walking path that embraces typical natural environments lacustrine, historical aspects of ancient monasteries and votive churches, as well as towers and castles, testimony of rural life that took place in the last centuries along the path. It's called "the wanderer

It has an overall length of about 45 km and must be traveled in stages. We are driving along one of the most evocative stages, including also the beautiful walk along the lakefront in Dervio and the imposing sanctuary of Lezzeno with its stunning mosaics and beautiful panoramic terrace. We will walk in the stretch running from Bellano to Corenno Pliny, in the core of which will immediately notice the medieval aspect with the square cobbled, the houses perched on the cliff above the lake, the calogge carved into the rock and the majestic fence castle. It will be an opportunity to explore the water ecosystem with the many inhabitants, including grebes, coots, swans and ducks. Opportunity to visit the impressive horror gorge in Bellano, making a journey through time, through the fascinating and turbulent geological history of the area.

Bottles of water and appropriate clothes and shoes are recommended

Total ascent: 165 meters m


DURATION: half day or full day if you want to make a typical lunch in a traditional restaurant or tavern along the way.

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