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In Bellano, at the mouth of the river Pioverna that before entering the lake creates a beautiful “horrido”, it is possible to admire the waterfall in the gorge where a passage with concrete walkways has been built; in the town it is interesting to visit the gothic church dedicated to Saints Nazaro and Celso and the charming church of Saint Mary that keeps a precious baroque Complaint over Christ.

Tommaso Grossi, Sigismondo Boldoni, Giancarlo and Velasco Vitali and Andrea Vitali, a living writer who set almost all of his many books known to fans of the genre, were born here.

To this itinerary it is possible to add a visit to some nearby villages: Abbadia Lariana with the Monti silk museum, Mandello del Lario with the Moto Guzzi museum, Lierna, Dervio, and Colico with its military fortresses of Fuentes and Montecchio.

Duration: 2-3 hours

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